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Local Web-Site Services
ceiTech Solutions provides the following types of Web-Site services.
    Web-site hosting for personal webpages.
    Web-site hosting for small or personal businesses.
    Web-site hosting for commercial businesses.
    On-site web server installation.
    Web-site desgin for all types of webpages.
  Details of web-site services.
  We provide web-site hosting for personal or private websites, small part-time businesses, small to mid-sized business and all the way through commercial e-commerce businesses with a database to handle the inventory. Anyone that has us host their personal website can also get email attached to their domain name at no extra charge. For businesses, there is no additional fee for up to 10 email addresses.

We also provide on-site installation of your our web server so you can manage it yourself. We would then handle the technicial support for server and site maintenance, backups and any assistance you may need, such as: setting up a database so you can add a database to your site for inventory, invoice tracking, and financing. We can also setup your own email server.

Our service compared to other non-local web services are: first we are local and can meet with you face to face. Second, you can be directly involved in the web-site building process, and the web-site appearance can be taylored to look just the way you want. Third, all your data is locally accessible and you are owner of it, unlike others where your data is off in some other state and not actually owned by you.

Local Web hosting services provides the fastest turn around for all aspects of webpage hosting and design.

Please call us for a no fee, no obligation consultation to see what we can do for you!
Call 410-271-5968 or email us at to schedule an appointment!

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