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Local On Site Services
ceiTech Solutions provides the following On-Site services.
    Professional setup of Computers purchased from us.
    Professional Printer setup no matter where purchased.
    Preliminary hardware or software diagnosis.
    Network installation; wired and wireless.
    Virus and spyware removal.*
  Details of on-site service calls.
  On-Site service calls are handled in a highly professional manner. We try to respond as quickly as possible to your request because we know how important it is to have a working computer to nearly all of our customers, as well as us. We treat others like we want to be treated, with respect and honesty.

For regular on-site services, the billing is prorated at half-hour increments. For warranty related on-site services, the first hour is free of charge, and every hour after that is rated at half-price. All hardware policies follow the warranty info prescribed in our warranty page.

*Limited virus and spyware removal can be done on-site, though it is recommended that we do all scanning type services in the shop due to the length of the scans. Virus and spyware scanning can take many hours to complete depending on hard drive size, thus costing you much more then in-shop scanning and removal.

We provide prompt on-site service for your computer problems. If your computer is not repairable on site, there is No fee for the service call.
Call 410-271-5968 or email us at to schedule an appointment!

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