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webFTP File Storage for Clients
ceiTech Solutions provides a customer webFTP service for file transfer
  Here are some great features of our webFTP site!
    Transfer files to your webpage.
    General storage for backups.
    Share files with other webFTP users.
    Large storage capacity and large file transfers.
  What exactly is a webFTP site?
  A web ftp site is an internet site that allows you to transfer files from your computer to a storage location on the internet. Most web ftp sites allow downloading, but those that allow uploading usually require you to have an account and limit the amount of data you can store, and the size of uploaded files. Our webFTP site not only requires you to have an account, but it is also secure to keep your data and credentials safe.

Our webFTP site is very similar to a standard sFTP site except that it can be accessed directly from the internet (no FTP client is required). It also has other features that allow you to view a thumbnail of your files without downloading them (this works very good for pictures). You can also transfer files amoung your default folders so you can either allow others to view them, keep them private or post them to your website (this requires you to have purchased our website hosting service).

Info - For more information about purchasing a private webFTP site, please contact us.
Call 410-271-5968 or email us at for more info about our webFTP service!

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